Diapergirl (g,M,F,g,F)

From around age of 4 until i started school at age of 7, I was in day care with a family while my parents worked. During this time it was me and this other girl in day care at this family. And this girl was abit younger then me and she had to wear diapers during daytime, specially if she was outside playing.

This got me wondering why she used diapers and I did not, and I sometimes asked about it, and I was only told that it was not for me to know, so it got me abit curius about how it was to wear. And sometimes when noone was watching, I would sneak into the room where the diapers were and grap one for me to wear and then wear it for a while until they found out I had a diaper on.

After I started school I didnt have access to diapers, but it never left my mind, how it was. And when I was 10 my parents told me I would be getting a little sister soon, which got my mind jumping around about the diapers.

2 weeks before I turned 11 my little sister was born. My parents were super excited about it, but I wasnt that much excited about her, my mind was more about the diapers. Over the last few weeks i have had some few acidents by wetting the bed at night. Even though it wasnt much, it was enough to have need to change the bed sheet. Since my mom was so far in pregnancy when this started my dad did most of the duties at home, and he had noticed my acidents at nights.

He had only said it was something that could happened, and told me not to worry about it. But the night after my sister was born, i had a big acident. I had wet the bed really badly, and my dad sat down with me that morning to have a talk about it. He asked me alot of questions, and after some talk he told me that after this day I needed to wear diapers at night, which gave me a BIG smile on my face. When he saw the smile he looked strangly at me.

Later that day, when I was finished at school he was there to pick me up at school, and on the way home we stopped at a store. We needed stuff before mom got back from hospital with my new sister, and at one spot we stopped and at first I wasnt looking what was there since I was just following along with my dad, but then I looked at what he was looking at, and found out that it was diapers, and not just small diapers but big diapers for me. I got abit embarresed and looked around to see if anyone saw us there, but didnt see anyone around.

After we got home my dad asked me to come to the bathroom to see how good the diaper fit on me. After a while it seemed to be fitting me well, and I was super happy about finally to be in diapers again. My dad asked if it was ok for me to wear diapers for the rest of the day, so I could get used to them, which I ofcourse said yes to do.

After we had dinner, dad went to clean up the dishes and I went to watch TV. During dinner I had been wearing diaper and a long tshirt and no pants, since I wanted to get abit used to the diapers, and when I went to watch TV I had forgot about that I was only wearing diapers down there. After a while I heard someone knock on the door, and I rushed out to see if my friend, hanna, was there, since we had agreed at school that she should come over to visit me after dinner. And it was her. I was happy about her to be there, and asked her to come in and watch TV together with me.

We sat down in living room and started talking about homework and stuff, when she suddenly stopped and looked bit strange at me and asked me what it was that I was wearing. I got really embaresed and pulled the tshirt down. I tried to talk me out of it, but she kept on asking about what it was, and after a while I needed to let her see the diaper, and to explain her why.

For a while she just looked at me and not saying a single word, but then she came over and gave me a hug and promised to keep quiet about it.

The next morning I wake up and at first I just tried to wake up and didnt think about the diaper, but then it got to me that I had slept with diaper on and I look down to check it and it was wet, but I was now happy that the bed was dry. I stood up and walk over to mirror to look at myself with a wet diaper on, and I was soooo happy about for it. But still I didnt know if dad had told my mom about me and that he had got me diapers, so I was abit worried if she would freak out when she got home.

I took a tshirt on and went down to kitchen to get breakfast, and when I got there my dad had been up for a while and had made breakfast for me. He came over and kissed me on forehead, and then asked how the night had been. I had to tell him that I had wet the diaper but same time told him that the bed was now dry, and he gave a smile and told me not to worry about it. He told me to eat breakfast and then after this we go to bathroom to get cleaned up. While daddy cleaned the area which the diaper had covered we talked about how to deal with this bed wetting, and after some talk dad said it would be best if I had diaper on during day time, at least the first few days to see if it would happen during day time or was only happening while I was sleeping, but I told him that they might find out at school, but he said not to worry and that I had wear some loose clothes, but I still wasnt so sure about it, but I just could not talk my dad out of it so i had to find me some clothes so the diaper wasnt easy to see.

After he had set me of at school I walked slowly through the yard, and try not to get people to look at me, and lucky enough my friend saw me and came over to talk, which she so often did at start of school day. She didnt notice i was different in how I acted for a while, but then she stopped and wispered if I was still had diaper on, and I looked her in the eyes and wispered yes. She smiled and gave me a hug and told me not to worry.

During the first hours at school there was nothing to worried about. Didnt have to go out of the class room at all and after eating lunch at school we only had one class left before school was finished for the day. The teacher was a young lady that had started teaching same time we got back from summer holiday. She and me had got along very good, and she always wanted me to spend time talk with her after this class. During the class I had felt weird feeling in my stomach, but didnt want to go to bathroom during class since the others could notice the diaper. When it finally rang, everyone quickly got up to leave and i just took time to stay behind, as I so often did. When everyone had left and hanna had got ready to leave, I asked her to stay behind so she could support me when jenny, the teacher, was gonna come to talk with me.

She didnt mind staying behind to hang out with me, since she had nothing to do after school. When I stood up, I noticed something in the diaper, which got me turning read in the face. Jenny noticed that I got read in the head, and asked if I was alright, but I couldnt answer her before Hanna spoke. Hanna said that I just had bad stomach and that I had just farted a small fart. Jenny laughed and then stood up and walked over to have a talk. When she had got over to us, she got up close to me and smelled me. After that she stepped back one step and looked at us for a while without saying a word. Then she got a smile on and got back up close to me and quickly moved her hand behind my back and slapped my butt abit hard, so we all tree could hear her hand slapping the diaper. That really turned me all read in the head and I look down at floor and couldnt say anything. Then Jenny spoke up and told me that it would be a secret between us 3 and gave me a friendly hug. After a while of quietness, Jenny asked if I had anything with me to clean my self with and an extra diaper. I knew I had a diaper in the bottom of bag, which my dad had put in, just in case it was needed. I emptied my back on the table and we all 3 searched everything but could only see the diaper, so Jenny said we should go to the handicap toilet to get everything done. We quickly put everything back in my school bag, and then went to the handicap toilet. I never had been in it, and was suprised to see how big it was. After getting the diaper out of my bag, Jenny told me to take pants off and then lay down on my back and let her take care of rest. First she did was to take the diaper of and then she got some toilet paper and made it wet to wipe the diaper area good. And after she had used some more paper, she grapped the diaper, folded it out and then told me to lift my butt up so she could slide the diaper underneath.

After she had got it taped together and I had got back on my feet, she asked me to turn around so she could see if the diaper fitted good. After I took the pants back on she looked outside to make sure noone was around, and then we walked out of the school while talking about the diapers and reason for why I was wearing. She really wanted to hear what had happened to why I now was wearing, since I had not been wearing.

When I finally got back home, I met dad at front door, happy and excited to tell me that mom had come home from hospital with my little sister. Before we got in to the house he told me that he had talked with mom about my accident with bed wetting and that he had got diapers for me to wear during night and that last night was the first night, and he had got me wearing today to make sure if it would happen during daytime or not. When I got into kitchen mom was sitting there drinking tea together with our next door mom. Mom got happy when she saw me come in, and wanted me over for a hug, and after hugging her, she had me sit down next to her and dad got me some tea to drink.

We sat there talking for almost an hour before the next door mom had to get back home to be with her family. After she had left mom was looking excited at me and asking how I was doing and wanted me to get the pants off so she could see it for real that i was wearing diapers. I was at first bit shy to take pants off, but since noone else was there I took the pants of, and let mom see the diaper on me. She was looking with big eyes at me and was looking amazed. She walked over to me to touch and give me a hug. I gave mom a hug and holding her for a while. After some time we sat down to talk and have some more tea to drink. We had such a great time together, but she told me that since she needed most of the time for my little sister, she could not have much time for taking care of changing the diaper on me, so she made sure I was ok with daddy changing me when she couldnt. I was totally cool with it, but I told her that Hanna and the teacher Jenny also knew I was wearing, and told what had happen at school, and that really made mom and dad happy about they be alright with it.

While we sat there talking and drinking tea, someone knocked at the front door. Dad went to see who it was, and he came back with a smile to say that Jenny had come to talk with us all about me. I was now not so shy about the diaper since she had seen me in it, so I was just sitting there when she came in and she was happy to see me so relaxed about it.

After we all had sat down for a while talk about me and the diapers, we all agreed to have some diapers given to her so she could have them in her bag while she was at school in case I was in need of a new diaper while at school. And we also agreed that since she was single and living in her own place, that I could sleep at her place once in a while to help my parents to be alone with the newborn, so they didnt have so much to think about, since I had this problem. None of us were against this agreement.

The next morning when I got to school, I talked with hanna and told her what had happened the night before. As soon as we saw Jenny we got her to talk with us and asked if we both could stay at her place sometimes, and after some talk she agreed to have us both over every other weekend, but she was not sure for week days, so we agreed to talk about that later.

The upcoming

Since it already was Friday, it was no chance for us to get over for sleepover at Jenny, but we agreed to do it the next weekend, but Jenny said that it was maybe a chance for a sleepover one of the week days.

Since we were not gonna go over to Jenny, hanna and I would spend weekend at my place. Neither my dad or any of her parents were able to drive us home from school this day, but we didnt mine it. The weather was awesome, and we had to stop at hanna’s place before we go over to my place so she could get some clothes with over to my place. But we didnt want to rush over, so my mom wouldnt have us there too middle of the day. Which I think would make her happy to have some quiet time. And hanna was only child and her parents were working so we got the whole house for ourselfs. We had laughed and talked alot on the way home and after we had arrived we went straight to her room so she could start packing and get the books sorted out so we could do some homework at my place when we finally got over there.

She went straight to look through her clothes, and while she did that, I just laid down on her bed to relax and let her rush abit around. After a while running around she had got sorted it all out. Everything packed, so now it was just time off for fun. First thing for her was to sit down and look around, looking bit lost, but then she got the smile on her face and had abit of laugh. I was just laying there on the bed holding my head up and just watching her. When she got over the laugh she looked at me and asked when I last had checked the diaper, which I had checked just before leaving the school, so no worries yet about it, and she wanted to know how many extra diapers I had with me. I wasnt sure about it, so I needed to look into my bag for it. And happy were we both that I actually had 2 extra diapers with me, so no rush, but it got a huge smile on Hanna. I asked her what she had on her mind but she didnt want to say anything at all, just laughed. It got me abit fustrated, so I took of my pants and without letting her say anything, I told her to take of her pants. She looked abit strange at me, so I said it again, and then she took them off, with abit of strange face. After she had got the pants off, I pulled her over to the bed and got her down on her back on the bed. She looked at me abit strange but after I starting taking her panties off, she got a smile on, because she now knew what I was gonna do. Then I took 1 diaper, folded it out and without asking her, she lifted her butt up so I easily could place the diaper under her butt. When the diaper finally was in place and I had stepped away, she was just laying there for a while, moving her hand around, feeling the diaper. After a while she got up for a walk, and then I got down for her to change my diaper.

After we had stayed in her room talking about diapers and how it is to wear, we decided to go over to my place. Hanna automaticly went for her usual pants which are tight without wearing diapers, so it was even more tight with diaper on. I asked her to get some other pants on, but she didnt want to, because she wanted to experience this. But she found a shirt which covered her butt abit so it didnt show so much, and when we got downstairs her parents had just got home and met us at the front door. They were happy to see us there, and we talked for short time and they didnt notice anything different with hanna, and we both smiled alot while talking with them. On the way home to me, Hanna really felt the diaper being squezed and how tight the pants were, but she said that she wanted to wear it all the way over to my place, and then get other pants to wear.

When we arrived, mom called us both into kitchen for tea, but we asked if it could wait, but she insisted on having us there before going to my room, because she said we could take too much time in my room before we got back down, so we had to get into the kitchen, even though Hanna had the tight pants on. – when we had been sitting there for a while and talked about school and how it was, mom went to get some more tea for us, she noticed the tight pants on Hanna. Hanna didnt notice mom looking at her pants, so she didnt try to cover it extra.

Later on the evning mom called us down for dinner, and we both got down fast since we were hungry. We had done the homework so we didnt have to worry about them later on the weekend, and have rest of the weekend for ourself to enjoy. Rest of evning we enjoyed playing different board games and eating ice cream.

Oh, how I loved weekends, could sleep long in the mornings, no school and just time for me to decide what to do. Saturday morning I slowly woke up by hearing music in distance, seemed to come from downstairs. After some time I was fully awake, but Hanna was still not awake, so I slowly pushed her to get her to wake up. While she was waking up I check my diaper, and again this night I had wet it. Hanna got to push the sheet away so I could see her diaper pretty clear and I quickly went over to see if she had wet it. While I was over her she woke up real quick and looked around. She quick calmed down. She thought she heard someone else in the room and was worried about the diaper. Also she had wet it.

After some talk we decided to get the diapers changed on both, but just as we were about to change my diaper on the floor in my room, I noticed mom was standing behind Hanna. Hanna had not notice her there, but was shocked when she heard her voice behind her. Hanna was changing my diaper, and wasnt wearing anything else but the diaper. Before Hanna could react mom was next to her giving her a hug. Told her not to worry about her seeing her in diaper now. Mom said she notice it yesterday when we got home from her place. I got abit laugh but had to sit up to give them both a hug, and then back down so Hanna could finish with me. When I had got new diaper on, it was her time to lay down, but now mom wanted to change, which gave Hanna a really read face. She didnt expect her to do it, but mom went straight to it and started taking the diaper off, and just continued with it, while I just sat there on my bed and watching.

After having got cleaned diaper on we both stood up on our feet to get clothes on, but mom said not a chance that we took more on then a tshirt. She wanted us both down in kitchen, wearing nothing else then a diaper and a tshirt. We both hoped not to be seen like that, but we didnt have much choise, and so we did come with tshirt and diaper.

The morning was just so beautiful and quiet, even though we didnt get up until almost 11, but good enough that we didnt have anything to do. Being in kitchen together with parents and my little sister was amazing time, specially on a Saturday, so Hanna and I just stayed there for some hours, eating and drinking while chatting and stuff.

The entire day we just spent at home, not ever putting more clothes on then we had already. And since the house was placed so good, there was a place in the back of the house where people couldnt see us, and we could stay there for some time during the afternoon, so we all decided to go outside for dinner. And for that we wanted it to be something good, and the weather was soooo amazing, so it was gonna be real good time for us together. Dad quick went to get stuff for barbeque, and the rest of us started making salad.

While we sat outside eating burgers and salad, the sun had made the place hot so both me and hanna had taken the tshirt off, so we were just wearing diaper, Hanna’s mom called to see how it was, since she had not heard from her since yesterday. Hanna got pretty happy for her mom to call to check on her instead of poping up like she does sometimes.

While she talked with her mom, dad had got ice cream, which we got happy for getting since it had got abit warm for us, after eating burgers and having the barbaque there with open fire and the sun out heating the area up. After eating ice cream we were really tired, but didnt want to go back in since it was so nice outside and staying outside in only diapers was so awesome. Never thought I should experience this.

Mom went in for a while, and when she got back out she had diapers and some vipes and plastic bags. I looked down at my diaper and noticed that I had a really wet diaper, and Hanna was abit shocked over finding out that she also had a wet diaper on without noticing that it had got wet. So we both needed to lay down for getting changed. Mom came over to change Hanna and dad changed mine. At first I was big scared if anyone would arrive, but since noone had during the whole day, then there wouldnt. We laught abit and saw this to be real nice to be treated like babies again, and still be able to take care of ourself in all other ways.

The next morning we got waken up by mom, which checked the diapers right after waking us up. Since the diapers were not so wet, we got down for breakfast, but we needed to wear only a tshirt. After breakfast we all sat around talking about the weekend, and Hanna was asked about how she was about wearing diapers, and what made her so much interested in it. She was at first hard to talk about it, but after abit of talk between us all, she open her mouth and told us all about it. We all promised not to tell her parents about it, unless needed. She told about all the times her mom had babysit for others and she had been together with her babysitting. She had watched when her mom had changed the diapers on the kids, and so often wanted to try it out, but was to scared to even try. And when I now had got to wear diapers, she was super glad, because she now saw oportunity to get a chance to wear. And we promised her that she could wear when ever she was at our place.

After her explaining about her situation, everyone turned their eyes on me. They wanted to talk about how it has happened that I start wetting. If it was accidental or I had got me trained up for it to get the diapers. Mom said, she could remember when I was in daycare before I started school that I sometimes had come home with diapers on, and she wanted to know if it had anything to do with that, or it was something else. Hanna looked at me with a smile on her face and abit wet eyes from hearing mom talk about me when I was younger. After a while, I told them that I could not help that I wet the bed at night. It started after little sister was born, maybe because I felt like left abit out now. After I had told them about the time when I was in daycare, they all got big smiles on their face, and I was totally forgiven for what has happened, and my parents said that they would make sure I had enough diapers for every night, and also for Hanna.

After a while, mom asked for our diapers, and she say maybe best for us to get changed, so me, hanna and mom went to my room to get changed, and we took time just get it done real good. After getting new and dry diapers on, we got our pants on and tshirt. We then went down to watch some tv.

Later in the afternoon we went over to Hanna’s place to hang out for a while, and I had got few stuff with me so I could sleep at her place that night so we could go to school together the next morning, and Hanna wanted me to be there next morning in case she had wet the diaper.

During the evning we spent alot of time together with hanna’s parents and they didnt notice at all that we both were wearing diaper, specially since we sat in a way where they couldnt see the pants get tight around the diaper. And it got pretty late before we got to Hanna’s bedroom, and we were happy to finally be able to get to bed and Hanna’s parents not know about Hanna got into wearing diaper.

The next morning I woke up just before 6 and it was real quiet in the house. I took on the long tshirt and slowly went out to the door to have a look outside to see if anyone else was up. Glad enough to see I was the only one up, so I quick went to wake up Hanna, and notice her diaper to be dry, which was pretty good, so she had control of it at least. – Later after breakfast, we got out to the car to get to school.

At school we had Jenny the first 3 classes, which we were happy about. She gave time to listen, and to make sure everyone in class understood. And even though she was strict on having us to follow up in homework and all that. At the end of first class, me and hanna stopped in class room to talk with her and she was happy to see us stay behind, and we had some talk about what happened in the weekend, and also about the upcoming weekend. Jenny had used the weekend for cleaning up and sorting some stuff out for us, so when we would arrive it would be a room for us all tree to sleep in. We asked if that is what she wanted, and she said ofcourse. She wanted us to be in same room as her, so when ever she woke up, she didnt have to walk so far to check on us, and also that we could all tree spend time together before sleep in bed to have fun together.

During our first school day of the week, we got through it alright. We had got new diapers on before we left Hanna’s home, and her dad didnt even look at us when we left the car, and after the last class, we tried to find a place to get our diapers changed before leaving school. But the handicap toilet had been locked all morning due to some major problems in there. To use the other toilets would not be any good idea since they were not big enough for us to lay down for a change and to do it while stainding up or to sit on a toilet was no good idea either since we tried it earlier that day. But not easy to find a spot for us to change the diapers, specially when we have no teacher to help us out. And since Jenny had called in sick, she wasnt around to help us, and we didnt want any other teacher to find out.

So now we had to walk home without have changed the diapers. We first talked about take them off and then go home without any diapers on, but we decided not to take them off in case of any accident on the way. Even though we both had loose pants on and jackets that covered our butts, it felt abit strange, but also kinda nice walking home from school with wet diapers on. And we both were happy when we stopped at Hanna’s place and find empty house, so we could get diapers changed without anyone be around. And after getting the wet diaper off, we took time with each other to clean the diaper area, and let it get enough fresh air before putting a new diaper on.

The whole week went like this. And after the last class on Friday, Jenny came over to us for some talk. In the morning before leaving home, we had packed some clothes and other stuff in a bag, so we could go straight from school to Jenny’s place. My parents had asked where I was gonna travel, and I had explained about the new teacher had invited us over for the weekend, and then I also said that she wanted to spend time with us, so she could make sure we got much better in her class, and that it might happen a few times that she have us over to her place to stay. My parents told me to make sure of having enough of diapers and everything, and asked if Jenny knew about me bedwetting, but I just told them not to worry.

This Friday morning was boring as many others. Almost everyone in class was exciting to get weekend, which wasnt so far away when first class startet. And as soon as the last class was finished, everybody rushed out of their chairs to get home. All except 2 girls. Me and Hanna were staying behind to have a talk with Jenny. After everyone were out of class room we got together for some talk about the weekend.

After abit of talk, we all tree went to Jenny’s car and drove home to her place. But before we got there, we stopped at food store to buy some food for the weekend. While walking around to find stuff in the store, Jenny got next to me while I was looking at some shelfs, and asked when last time I changed the diaper. Both me and Hanna had forgot to change our diapers, but I noticed I had wet mine more then Hanna had, but since we still were in the store, and the puplic toilet was after cashregisters, I needed it to keep it on for a while more. While waiting in line for cash register, I saw a little girl watching me with a smile. All i could do was to smile back. I waved at her and she waved back, and then she came over towards me. I had seen her many times in my neighborhood, so I knew her a little bit. When she got over to me I went down on knees to talk with her and had a short talk with her.