The Kitty Story 1-3 chapters (F,furry,g)

Har 3 kapitler som er redigrert og færdige og har noget af kapitel 4 som ligger ind os som ik er redigeret bare for at få en fornemmelse af hva kapitel 4 kommer til at handle om :stuck_out_tongue: (( der mangler en del i kapitel 4 der skal laves om men kommenter endelig))

Chapter 1 - Kitty…

“The police are still looking for a young cat girl of 18 years. She was last seen in black clothing, two diamond earrings and a pink collar. She has been missing for four days now, and they have no idea of her whereabouts. If anyone out there sees this girl, please call the police.”

“Oh, get over it and find that girl,” Kira said to herself after she turned off the TV.

Kira was a beautiful white snow wolf. Her light green eyes shone in the bright light, and almost every kid she knew liked her long, fluffy tail. Her paws had six black stripes, and she had what looked like a star on her back, which she was born with. She lived alone, because she didn’t have any boyfriends at this point in her life, but she was hoping that she could soon find one. She didn’t even have kids in her life so far, but she wanted one really badly, so she did everything she could to try and get the boys to like her…

Kira went to the kitchen and went out to purchase some groceries for her dinner that evening. As she was making her way to the kitchen, there was knock at the door. She went to the door, and it was her vixen friend Jessica.

“Hi, Kira.”

“Hi, Jessica.”

“I was just wondering what you have been doing in the last few days. You haven’t called me for a long time now.”

“I’m sorry, Jessica. I have been busy in the last few days. You know how my job kills me all the time.”

“Well, I know that, honey. I was wondering if you have time to come over today, because I need to speak with you. It’s kind of important.”

“Sure. I will be there after I have made some dinner for myself, then I’ll head on over.”

“That’s great. Talk to you later, Kira.” Jessica left Kira’s place and went home.

“Hmm…I should go over and talk with Jessica now, but first, the dinner.”

Kira ate the dinner she had made and got ready for her visit to Jessica’s place.

Jessica was a red fox who used to live with her boyfriend on Parker Street, but he had passed away three years ago, so she currently lived alone. She often acted a bit childish, but she was a responsible fox, and she loved her best friend Kira more then anything else.

Kira went out the door and locked it. Then she began to make her walk over to Jessica’s place. It was kind of long way to walk, but she had promised to Jessica that she would come.
When she was almost reached her destination, she heard a noise coming from the alley. It sounded like a little girl.
She went into the alley and found a little girl with a pink collar on her neck and lying naked in some blankets.
The sight shocked Kira. She asked the little girl, “What happened to you? Where are your parents?”

The little girl said nothing, but Kira noticed that the she seemed to cheer up a bit.
The little cat girl smiled when she saw Kira and wanted to come with her.
Kira grabbed a clean blanket from under the pile of blankets and wrapped the little girl in a bundle. Then she picked the little cat girl up and hurried on over to Jessica’s place as fast as she could.

Kira knocked on Jessica’s door, and Jessica opened it.

“Goddamn! Its good to see you here, honey. I really need your help to move some stuff, and I can’t do it alone.”

Jessica noticed the little girl.

“Who’s that? I didn’t know you had a kid. When did that happen to you?”

“She’s not mine. I found her in an alley not far from here. She was completely naked, and I couldn’t leave her in the alley, so I took her with me. I plan to bring her to the police tomorrow.

“Well, let’s find her some clothes, then. We can’t have her remain cold as she is now.”

Jessica found some of the old clothes she used to wear when she was a little vixen and put it on the little cat girl, who was gently sleeping in Kira’s arms.

“Well, it almost fits her. They are a bit too large for her, but she can have it for now. She can lay down to sleep on my bed, then we can talk.”
Kira went to the bedroom and laid the cat girl down on the bed, and the girl slept tight. Kira left the room and went over to Jessica.

“Well, she is sleeping now,” Kira said.

Jessica nodded, and they both went over to the couch to sit down and talk for a moment.

“I don’t think today will be a good day to help you with those stuff, Jessica. I have to get this girl to the police soon. I have no idea why she was in that alley.”

“It’s all right. Getting her to police is more important,” said Jessica. They both went to the bedroom so Kira could get to the police with the girl.

“OH MY GOD!” Jessica cried in shock, and Kira went over to see what have happened.

“She wet in my bed in her sleep.” Jessica said in an angry tone. “She is at least four years old and still wets in her sleep?”

“Calm down, Jessica. She’s only a kid, so there’s no need to blame her for it. Here, let me take her, then you can clean up the rest.”

“I will see you later, Kira. I hope you come over soon.”

“Ok, Jessica, see you later.”

Kira walked out the door and thought to herself that maybe she should at least let the little girl have a good night sleep before bringing her to the police station, so she headed straight home with the little girl cradled in her arms.

Kira finally got home with the little girl, laid her on the couch, undressed her from the wet cloths and blankets and found her a nice soft, warm blanket for her to lay down with.

“Poor little cat,” Kira said to herself. “What am I supposed to do with you? There is still a whole day before its night, and a lot of time before tomorrow. Well, better just let you sleep.” She smiled and went to the kitchen to make some cookies and some dinner for the little cat girl.

An hour later, Kira could hear the little girl wake up.

“Aww, I see you are awake now,” Kira said. She smiled to the little girl, and she smiled back.
“Can you talk?” Kira asked.
The little girl just looked at Kira, then she said with a very little voice, "I love you, Mama.”
Kira looked at the girl with confusion. Something inside her told her that she shouldn’t give the cat girl away; she needed to take care of this girl, for the girl needed someone to mother her and nurture her.

Kira picked up the little girl and hugged her tight. The little girl smiled and looked really happy.

“Well, I better give you a bath. You are all wet again.”
The little girl just smiled, and Kira went to the bathroom to fill up the bathtub with water.

“Now, be a good girl while I bathe you, OK?”
Kira smiled and began to wash the girl to make her all sparkly clean. After the bath, Kira let the girl be in the bath for a few more minutes and let her play. The little girl really looked happy in the water.

“Well, better get you out now, little one. Have to buy some supplies for you so that you don’t wet yourself again.”
Kira dried the girl off with a towel off the towel rack from the wall and found some clothes to put on her. Then they both went to the mall to buy diapers for her and returned home.

The girl suddenly said something when they returned home. It wasn’t much, but those two words were enough for Kira to understand what she was saying.
“I’m Kitty,” the little girl said.

“Well, well, well, so you can speak a little. That’s only good. I’m Kira, and I will take good care of you. I hope you can speak a bit more soon.”

Kitty nodded and hugged Kira tight.

“Well, let’s get you something to eat, and then I’ll put you in a diaper afterward.”
Kitty smiled and nodded, and they both went to the kitchen where Kira gave Kitty the cookies she had made for her earlier.
Kitty ate some of the cookies and drank some milk.

Kira smiled at kitty.
“Well, well, looks like you finished quickly. Now, shall we get you into that diaper before any more accidents happen?”
Kitty blushed a bit, but nodded and followed after Kira to the bathroom.

After Kitty got her diaper on, they both went back to the kitchen, and Kira tried to get Kitty to speak a little more.

“Do you know where your parents are or at least some of your family members?”
Kitty didn’t say anything and shook her head no.
“Well, then, we better go to the police tomorrow and try finding your family. If no one knows of anything or if someone could set up an ad to inform the public that your parents are looking for you and no one answers it, then I will take care of you. Is that OK?”
Kitty smiled and looked really happy for what Kira had said and nodded.

Kira looked at the clock and it was already 9pm.
“Oh my, is it already that late? Well, I better get you to bed soon. Little girls are not allowed to be up this late at night.”
Kira giggled a bit and took Kitty with her to her bedroom where she laid Kitty on the bed and found a nice soft blanket to place over her.
“Sleep tight, Kitty. Tomorrow, we will try to find your parents.”
Kira kissed Kitty goodnight and went to the living room where she sat down on the couch and thought to herself a little before she felt asleep.

The next morning, Kira suddenly woke up to hear a crying noise. She remembered what had happened the day before and went into the bedroom where she found Kitty crying.

“What’s wrong, sweetie? What happened? Did you have a nightmare?”
Kitty nodded and looked really sad up at Kira. “Me up, please. Me up.”
Kira picked the sad little girl up and carried her around until Kitty was able to calm herself down again.

“Are you OK, sweetie? You know I’m here for you if you need me. I promise everything going to be all right.”
Kitty nodded and laid her head on Kira’s shoulder before falling asleep again.

“Well, we better get you to the police station and hope that they know the whereabouts of your parents.”

Kira found some clothes for Kitty and got her dressed up. Then she got herself dressed, and they both went down to the police station together.
At the station, Kira informed a policeman where she had found Kitty and gave him all the details she could give him, but the policeman couldn’t really help, because the police force was only looking for an adult girl. No other missing girl had been reported lately, so he told Kira to take care of the little girl until any new report would come up. Feeling a bit disappointed, Kira went home again with Kitty.

On their way home, they went to the mall to buy supplies for Kitty. Kira bought a crib, a pacifier, a changing table, a baby bottle, some clothes for Kitty to fit into and a body stocking.

After they got home, Kira sat Kitty on the couch and began to set up the stuff she had just bought and returned to Kitty.

“Well, sweetie, I’m going to take care of you until someone comes looking for you, so while you are here, you have to follow my rules. Is that OK for you?”

Kitty nodded and said yes as good as she could.

“Good, good. Well, let’s get you changed first, then you can have some dinner.”

Kira picked Kitty up and went to the bathroom to lie her on the changing table and change her diaper.

“Oh, my. You are really wet. Well, at least it didn’t leak.”
Kira change Kitty quickly and got her diapered up again.

Then Kira spoke again. “You have two choices now. You can be dressed up in your new clothes now, or you can be dressed up in your body stocking and run around in that.”

Kitty pointed at the body stocking and blushed a bit.

“Okay, then. Then you also need to be dressed up for your nap very soon. Now, let’s get you into that body stocking.”

Kira helped Kitty into the body stocking and took Kitty to her crib to put her down for a nap.

“Sleep tigh, Kitty. When you wake up, dinner will be ready for you”
Kira putted the pacifier in Kitty’s mouth and, Kitty began to sleep tight.

Kira went to the living room and turned on the TV to watch the news about that missing girl, but there was nothing about her this time; instead, there was something scarier that probably never should have happened.

Chapter 2 - The Kidnapping.

“Today’s news brings up a very serious report. There have been reports of a human girl sighted in the town. She was last seen yesterday in an alley near Parker Street wearing a pink collar.”

Kira looked terrified at the news report on TV and suddenly remembered that it was that very alley where she found Kitty.

“Oh, my. Hope they find that human girl and send her back right away, but how did she even get here?”

Kira did not understand how the portal between humans and furries had opened again, especially not since the last time it was opened, which was about 200 years ago.

Kira couldn’t think much about it, for Kitty had just woken up crying.
She ran to the crying child and picked her up. “Aw, don’t cry, Kitty. Mommy is here for you now.” After she had calmed Kitty down and stopped her crying, Kitty hugged Kira tight, and Kira could feel that Kitty had wet her diaper while she slept. Kira sighed and went to the changing table to change Kitty into a fresh new diaper. Then, Kira got out the new clothes she had bought for Kitty yesterday and helped put them on her.
Kira looked at the clock and found out that she was late for work. It was almost 8 AM, and she also needed to get someone to take care of Kitty while she was away. She thought about who she could ask and remembered Jessica, so she packed up the diaper bag and got Kitty ready before heading on over to Jessica’s place and knocking on her door.

Jessica opened the door, saw Kira and said, “Good morning, my dear. What can I do for you this early morning?”

“Can you baby-sit Kitty while I’m at work? I will be back soon, for I only have four hours of work today, and I haven’t enrolled Kitty into kindergarten yet, but I will later if I can.”

“Sure, I can take care of Kitty for you, my dear.”
Kira smiled, handed Kitty over to Jessica and said, “See you later, Kitty, and thanks again, Jessica.” Kira handed to Jessica the diaper bag and kissed Kitty goodbye. She then ran off again and waved her goodbye as she ran.

Kitty looked up at Jessica and began to cry.
“What wrong? Why are you crying?” Jessica asked. She picked Kitty up, but the little girl just began to cry even more now, so Jessica took Kitty over to the couch, sat her down in it and turned on the TV to find the Disney channel.
Kitty calmed down when she saw the Disney channel, and her crying went away.

They both watched the Disney channel together, and after some time, Kitty fell asleep next to Jessica’s thigh and began to suckle her thumb.
“Aww, she really is cute, even if she is wearing a diaper,” Jessica said to herself. She was still wondering why a four-year-old girl had to wear diapers, but she didn’t have much time to about it when the phone suddenly rang. She got up to answer it.

“Jessica here. Whom may I say is speaking to me?”

“Hey, Jessica. Kira here. The reason I’m calling you now is that you need to bring Kitty over to me at 10 AM. I have found a good kindergarten class not long from my workplace. The adult staff in the kindergarten want to see her today, so please come on over here with her.”

“Well, okay. Yeah I’ll be there at 10 AM. See you soon, sweetie. Bye-bye.” Jessica hung up and thought to herself, Hmmm…10 AM, she said.

She then looked at the clock. “FUCK! It’s 9:30am now. Oh, dear. I better get Kitty ready and be on my way.”

Jessica got Kitty all dressed up while Kitty was still sleeping. She turned off the TV, picked Kitty up and ran out to Kira´s place of work.

Not long after they arrived, Kira was standing outside waiting to take Kitty.

“Thanks for coming so fast in that short time,” Kira said. “Here, let me take Kitty again.”

Jessica smiled and said as she handed Kitty over, “Well, it was no problem you know? I would do anything for you, my dear. Just ask me the next time you want to let me take care of Kitty again.” They both smiled, and then Jessica hugged Kira goodbye before heading off for home.

Kira noticed Kitty sleeping and said, “Well, well, well. Looks like someone is tired.” She smiled a bit and carried Kitty all the way to the kindergarten class.

As soon as they arrived at the doorway to the kindergarten room, Kira nudged Kitty to get her to wake up. “Wake up, sleepyhead. I have a surprise for you.” Kitty woke up slowly and looked around; she really looked confused and was about to start crying and hugged Kira for comfort.

“Listen, Kitty, this is where you’re going to spend some time while I’m at work.”
Kitty looked at the whole kindergarten room and was really surprised and happy at same time to see everything laid out before her, including the toys on the shelves and the books on the short bookcase.

They both went inside to speak with the kindergarten staff, and Kitty was allowed to play with the toys while the adults talked
After a while, Kitty and Kira went home, and Kitty felt really happy now that she should start in kindergarten tomorrow and make some new friends there.

The next day, Kira woke up early to make breakfast before she could wake Kitty up.
After breakfast was made and ready to eat, she went in to get Kitty, who was pretty wet from the night before, so she began to change Kitty with a fresh diaper. Then Kitty woke up with a happy look on her face and started to choke a little in her attempt to talk. “ Hewwo, mommy. Me have sweeped very good.”
“Heh, well, that’s very good, sweetheart. Are you ready for your first day in kindergarten?”

Kitty nodded and Kira picked her up to bring her out in the kitchen where they could both have their breakfast.

While they ate, Kira looked at the clock and said, “Well, better get you ready to leave now. It’s almost 8 AM, and you have a long day to spend in the kindergarten.”

They quickly finished their breakfast, got dressed and went out of the door to head on over to the kindergarten.

When they arrived, some of the adult staff in the kindergarten smiled to Kitty and talked a little with Kira before she kissed Kitty goodbye and ran off to work.

Kitty followed inside with the adults, and she looked really happy when she saw all the other kids. The adults said to her that she should go over and play with some of the others, and so she did.

Meanwhile, the portal between the human world and the furry world had been opened, and a human adult female stepped out from the portal and into the furry world. She had a note in her hand mentioning about Kitty and that inside her pink collar, it contained information about her being part of a science experiment in which she was a human girl transformed into a cat girl.

The human female was not that far away from the kindergarten and had found where Kitty was.

She snuck into the kindergarten carefully so that she could not to be seen by anyone and cause trouble, and saw Kitty playing with two of her new friends Katie and Catrine.

In no time, the human female ran over to Kitty, grabbed her and ran out.

The adults had just witnessed the kidnapping and followed the suspect as fast as they could, but the human was already through the portal before they could try to catch her.

The adult staff called Kira at once and explained to what had happened, and Kira had immediately arrived to stand there in front of the portal.

“How the FUCK could this even happen if you guys kept watch over the kids?” Kira asked the staff in frustration. “This is not supposed to happen!” In her anger, she looked down and then saw a note on the ground. She picked it up and read it to herself in her head. “Kitty Pride, 45 Rose Street, sixteen years old, female. Just look inside the pink collar to be certain.”

Kira felt confused on what the note said and then suddenly remembered the pink collar Kitty was wearing all the time, but she wasn’t sure if what the note said was true.

“Very well. I will go after her. I have to get my girl back.” She then told the adult staff, “Call the police and tell them to guard the portal until I return.” The others just nodded, and Kira stepped trough the portal carefully. Soon, she was standing in a dark alley with strange buildings.

Chapter 3 - The New World.

Kira stepped away from the portal’s entrance and looked around. Everything was so new to her, and she had no clue of where to go next.

She looked behind her and saw that the portal was still open for a few seconds before it closed behind her. Taking the portal out of her mind and focusing on Kitty, she began to walk out from the alley she was in and out into the street. She looked around and saw something she not was use to see.

“Where the hell am I?” she wondered to herself. She could observe a lot of humans walk past her without even looking at her.

She continued walking for a few minutes, yet she still didn’t have a vague idea of where to go, so she decided to ask some people if they had seen kitty; however, every time she tried to ask someone, they simply ignored her and walked even faster just to get away from her.

It was then that she reached the conclusion that she was not one of them, since no one had said anything to her yet. Then she suddenly remembered something and guessed that no one knew anything of the furry world.
The white wolf then saw a costume shop and remembered overhearing something about Halloween where everyone dressed in funny clothing. In her mind, she figured that the humans might have thought that she was just dressed in a costume.

She entered the shop to ask for directions to 45 Rose Street, and the man behind the desk told her it wasn’t that far from the shop; only several blocks away, to be exact.

Kira said thanks and began to walk up toward Rose Street.

Meanwhile, in the furry world, Jessica had heard the news and ran over to the location of where Kira was last seen and wanted to know if Kira was all right.
“Kira is not longer in this world,” a male wolf said to her. “She’s in the human world now to get her daughter back, I have heard.” Jessica looked terrified at the wolf man and then ran to where the portal was. Luckily for her, it was still open, so she entered the portal and shortly enough, she was in the human world.

Jessica looked around and, like Kira, received a shock when she noticed the humans.
She then looked down at herself and thought it was weird for none of the humans not saying a word, so she figured that no one knew of their world, and she did the same thing Kira did by going to the costume shop to ask if the store’s owner had seen a person in fur this day.

“Yes, I have,” the owner of the store said. “I may say, for some hours ago, she was here to ask about Rose Street. If you are looking for her, then that’s the way you shall go.” Jessica thanked the man and went after Kira.

Kira had finally found the 45 Rose Street residence she was looking for and went up to the house. She looked through a window and saw Kitty laying on the floor on a soft blanket. She could also see a human couple in the house keeping watching over kitty if she should try running away.

Kira thought to herself about how she could get Kitty back from this crazy world and return home with her. She decided to wait until nightfall without doing anything, so she hid in an alley not too far away from the house. When she went over to the alley, she quickly saw Jessica come running toward her and asked why she was here…

“Oh, Kira!” Jessica said with relief in finding her good friend. “I have been worried about you, so I got here as fast as I can to help you get Kitty back. And damn, this world is a weird place. All those humans; they look really stupid, if you ask me.” Jessica said all this in a small voice while trying to catch her breath back after all that running she did.

“Well, we have to wait until its gets dark,” Kira said with nervousness in her voice. “If we do anything now, everything will go wrong, and then we not able to getting kitty back at all.”

The vixen agreed, and they both waited until the darkness of the night was over them.

“Okay, let’s try to get her back now,” Kira said quietly.
They both went to the house and tried to open the door, but it was locked.
“What do we do now?” Jessica asked.

Kira had to think about how to get at the lock and then explained her initial plan. “Well, I can pick at the lock if I remember how to do that. After all, I forget my keys to my apartment lots of times.” Jessica smiled, liking the idea.

Kira activated her plan, and she got the lock to unlock. “Okay, we are in now.” They started to jimmy open the door, but the alarm system became active, so they had to run away before anyone saw them.

Once they both reached for safety, Kira said with relief, “Phew, I’m glad no one saw us. I think we have to be more careful here; they have other technology than what we use.” Jessica just looked at Kira and had nothing to comment.

They walked for some hours in this new world and looked around at everything they could see.
After a while they went back to the house to get Kitty out, but this time, they didn’t plan on running if the alarm went off again; they planned to just dash inside, grab Kitty, run out with her and back to their own world.

They went up to the house again and opened the door, but something happened differently this time: the alarm system didn’t go off. They thought they were lucky this time.

Then they found Kitty lying on the couch. Kira quickly ran over to her and picked her up.
“OK, let’s get out of here before anyone else knows we are here,” Kira said in a hushed tone of voice.

Just when they reached the door, Jessica jumped a bit when she saw who was standing at the door.

“Well, well, well,” spoke the voice of the masculine stranger. “Long time, no see. And I see you have a friend with you. That’s great, but you have to leave Kitty here. She’s not a part of the furry world. She’s a human girl when she’s not wearing that collar.” It took a while for Kira and Jessica to figure out that it was a black fox standing under a silhouette and speaking to them.

“Charles? I…I…I thought you were dead and gone forever,” Jessica said, feeling terrified and stammering a little.

“Skip it, Jessica. We don’t have time for this now,” Kira said angrily.
“Can you prove that she’s not a furry?” Kira said firmly to the black fox, who was standing there and blocking their only escape through the doorway.

“Sure, I can,” Charles said. “I just remove the collar and then she returns to her normal self.”

Kira removed the collar from Kitty, but nothing happened.
“I don’t see anything happening to her. She’s not a girl, but a cat.”

The black fox made a strange look at the little cat girl.

“Here, give me that collar,” he said, holding out a paw in request. He took the collar out of Kira´s hand and looked at it just to see if it was the correct collar.

“This cant be true,” he said in disbelief. “This is the collar we attached on that girl’s neck before she was sent to the furry world. We only misread that if a good-hearted furry cares for her and will only be with this furry in her care, she changes into a furry forever.”

Jessica and Kira looked at each other, then at Kitty, and then up at Charles.

“Let’s get you three back to your own world fast before anyone knows of this.”

Kira kept hold of Kitty in her arms as she and Jessica ran after the black fox, and in no time at all, they were at a laboratory where Charles worked with the humans.

“Why do you work with those strange humans?” Jessica asked him.

“Well, after I went through the portal four years ago, I couldn’t go back,” explained Charles. “We now are the first to know how to open the portal, but being in this world for such a long time leaves no reason for me to go back now. This is my home.” Jessica looked sad when he said those things, but at least she was happy, because she knew now that he was still alive.

“Alright, the portal is open,” Charles said, motioning the three to go through the portal. “Quick! Run through it before anyone sees you.”

Kira ran in first, but Jessica stood there for a few moments.

“Go! Before it closes again,” he said to her, beckoning her to move.

“Promise me you will come back to me someday,” she said to him with a sense of love running through her. “You are still in my heart, and I always will love you. Goodbye, Charles.”

Then she ran through the portal, and it soon closed behind her.

Charles stood there to watch the portal close, and he started crying a little bit.
A moment later, some humans came to the lab to look for where Kitty was after they witnessed two female furries running into he lab.

Charles said to them that no one had been there tonight, and it was just him working on the portal.
The humans believed his words and ran out again to continue their search for the two young female furries.

Chapter 4 - Back at home again.

Jessica, Kira and Kitty stepped out of the portal, and saw they were back at there own world again. They looked behind them and saw the portal close and they just stood there for a few minuttes before they went to Jessica´s home.

When they arrived home to Jessica, Kira putted Kitty into Jessica´s bed and sat there and looked at the little cat girl there had sleeped since they found her again and got her back…

“Kira, Jessica said from the liveingroom” Kira went into her and sat down. In that moment Jessica saw that Kira had wet herself. “ehrm Kira, u do knows that u have wet urself right” Kira looked down at her self and saw that Jessica was right, and she blushed.

“ im sorry I dident knew it I havent even felt the need to pee”
“Thats okey sweety I have some pants u can borrow if it is, its no big deal accidents happens u know” Kira smiled a bit but was still ashamed over her self because she had not notice she just had wet her self…

“here u are, now go change and throw the other one to the laundry box”
Kira went to the bathroom and changed…

A moment after Kira came back and sat down and Jessica and her talked for some hours about what they had seen and about that strange world they were in.

Jessica suddenly looked really strange on Kira. “are you alright sweetheart” Jessica said with a rather strange voice

“yea why should I not be alright” Kira dident understand what she ment if she was alright.

“well try look down urself and u will see what I meen” Kira then saw she had wet herself once again and appoligies many times to Jessica.

“well maybe you should go to a doctor tomorrow and let him try to find out whats wrong with you, meanwhile I thinks its best for you to go home and try to relax” Kira began to cry a bit because she had no clue about what was going on with her,

“dont cry sweetheart it could happened to anyone, im still your friend and I will help u with anything if you want me to it” Kira said nothing but gave Jessica a big hug. She went to Jessica´s bedroom and picked up kitty and they went out of the door.

Before she closed the door she thanked Jessica for saying those thing.

When Kira and Kitty got home Kitty had woked up and was really happy to see she was in the arms of Kira, and she gave Kira a big hug.

“well well hehe looks like someone finally have woken up I see” Kitty smiled.

“me been really scared mommy, the stupid woman took me into a strange world I never will go back to again”

Kira smiled when she heard that Kitty finally began to talk more then she ever had done before.
“dont worry u not going back again, mommy is here for you all the time and no one will ever kidnap u ever again” Kitty kissed Kira and they both went to the couch and turned on the TV.

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Glæder mig til du skriver videre :slight_smile:

tjaa hehe den skal laves færdig inden søndag så den kommer jo nok meget snart :slight_smile: heh. hvis den ik er færdig inden da så kan jeg ik aflevere den til min bedste ven som jeg laver den til… meeeeeeen det burde der jo være mulighed for jeg er færdig inden da :wink: men i har alle noget at glæde jer til når den er færdig snart…

Jeg var lige ved at skrive et indlæg om at historien lod til at være taget fra og at den var skrevet af en der klader sig black-Fox, indtil jeg opdaget at han kommer fra Danmark. Så jeg går ud fra det er dig BabyBloodWolf :blush:

ja jeg er Black-Fox på FTT kan bevises på flere måder hihi…

der var flere der inde fra der har spurgt mig efter en historie efter de digte de har set jeg har lavet… men i bund og grund er historien til en ven men dog kan den da godt blive puplished ud til andre hihi… :slight_smile:

hva hedder du på FTT siden du fandt mig der inde os ??

Jeg har ikke en bruger på siden, men kunne godt tænkes jeg opretter en :slight_smile: