Stay with me DDLG/ABDL (F,M)

Jeg har i lang tid overvejet om jeg ville ligge min engelske historie op herinde. Nu er jeg så kommet med konklusionen at jeg gør det. Den originale skrevet af mig er på wattpad, med en masse andre historier her

De første 2 kapitler er her…

OBS! ingen sex i historierne her.


Mira is a model, she’s still suffering from past eating disorders and slight alcohol abuse.
Her boyfriend Jacob is more than concerned for her.
Mira can’t take good care of herself.
But their lifestyle will change things.
Mira is a little girl mentally, she tries to hide it, but soon Jacob discovers her secret.
And he couldn’t be more happy with it.

Miranda May Willson. 19 years.
I have always been little. Always been scared, been unable to take care of myself. But I’ve had to. I wasn’t ready when my mother kicked me out. We couldn’t get along. And she hated me. And I hated her as well. Being the eldest of 5 sisters. Not even have I had a father figure.
I was pleased, but also scared, so scared, that I started drinking the worries away, I didn’t eat, and I lived with friends for months, until they kicked me out too. I didn’t go to school. I hated that place. I dropped out and tried to find jobs all around. I have always been skinny, but not so tall. But I tried to go to a audition for a photoshoot. And I got a contract.
By that time, I didn’t care what I would be a year after. I hoped for better. I really did.
I had the most awful experiences in my life, some would say it could have been worse, and it could, but it was awful.
I was near dying when I got to the hospital for the second time in a month. I had fallen off some stairs, I was intoxicated and I hadn’t been eating in days.
That was when he found me.
He was the one that called the ambulance, that secured me my life. He saw me, he saw me at my baddest. He didn’t care. And somehow, he changed me.
I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me. And when I woke up in the bed at the hospital I panicked. He was there. I begged him to take me with him. I was crying hard. And I begged him to get me out, I begged him to stay with me. While I was a big crying mess and held onto him, a nurse came in and gave me something to relax on. I blacked out.
The next morning he was gone. I was sad, and all I did was just hoping to get out of the hospital soon. I started worry. And I was near panicking. I heard a knock on the door, and I wasn’t fast enough to respond. He came in. He had a plate of food with him. But something was different. He had a uniform on, something only hospital workers wear. He sat the food on the table next to my bed. We talked for like what seemed an eternity. I liked him, and I trusted him, more than I ever had, and it seemed wrong. He was a nurse on the hospital, and he was pretty good looking. He was in his mid 20’s and he had a place of his own. We became closer, and we fell in love.
Days after he took me home and since then he have been taking care of me.


Miras POV
He opened the door to his house, while he held my hand. It was tiny compared to his. But it felt secure. Then he showed me in.
From where I stood in the small hallway I could see that it wasn’t a big house, but It was big enough for both of us. He told me that he had prepared it all for me. We stood there in the hallway, admiring each other, but he suddenly broke the silence.
“I’m going to prepare some dinner in the kitchen, any suggestions?” he asked, smirking so that I could see a little dimple in his cheek.
I dropped my gaze and started to fidget with my hands. I didn’t know, I had an awful time deciding what to eat. If I actually did eat.
“Mira?” He lifted my chin to make eye contact.
“Are you ok? Do you want me to decide what we’re going to have then?” He lifted an eyebrow.
I simply nodded.
“Alright then, you can look around the house if you’d like, I’m still in the kitchen if you need me” he said.

I got curious, and decided to go up the stairs. Show myself around. He had a kitchen, a little but nice kitchen, a living room, a little dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom, he also had an other room, but he said he could show me later, after dinner. He had got to know me pretty well in the last month, so he knew that I’ve had an eating disorder and alcohol abuse. He said it was fine, that he would help me get better. He had even paid for the medication and stuff when I was in the hospital. He had also talked about getting me a therapist, if I wanted to talk with a professional. When I got to the kitchen, I could easily smell the food. But I didn’t want anything, I wasn’t hungry.
He held out a chair for me in the kitchen.
“Hey baby, I have some fish and vegetables for you.” He said as he placed a plate before me. I didn’t like it.
“No thanks, I’m not hungry.” I smiled back, then looking out the window, that showed the garden.
“You have to eat something, we can’t have you sick again, Mirabee” I giggled at that. He was so damn sweet, calling me nicknames already. But it didn’t make me hungry, not at all actually. I stared out the window, I got almost startled when he gently grabbed my shoulders
“Come here Mira, we should have a talk in the living room.” His voice was still kind but a little bit stern. I followed, not knowing where it would go.
He sat down in the big comfy armchair, and tapped his leg. I sat down in his lap, not looking at him.

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