My first story translated from Danish (B,F,F)

Denne historie har jeg også skrevet i dansk, men nu vil jeg så oversætte den til engelsk så andre der ikke kan dansk kan forstå den :wink:

This story is also written in danish, but I’ll translate it into english, so that those who cannot understand danish can read it.

Original: Min første historie

The story here is about my fantasies and nothing is true.


Offer: me.

Kidnapper: Sofie.

Chapter 1: Kidnapped.

I sat and played on my computer (I was alone at home) when I heard the door opened. I went down to see who it was, there stood a girl / lady in the doorway. She pointed at me with a gun. She said not a word. Then she led me into the room. close your eyes, she said. I did it, she taped my hands firmly. So she went. She came with a pram. lie down! I started crying when she took my clothes off. She did not want to listen to me then put a pacifier in my mouth. I saw she gave me a big thick diaper on. Afterwards I came into a spaarkedragt. Then she said, so my little boy is a baby you again. I was laid up in the baby carriage and driven off in a car.

Will only write more after I heard about it is good. Just make as many comments as mugligt.

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Everything in my story is fantasy.

Chapter 2: Baby again.

When we got into the car, I was put in a chair. She tapped me tightly and began to start the car. I spat out the pacifier. And cried, what the hell are you doing! Drop down and I’ll explain, she said. I can not have children, so I kidnapped you. I wanted one in 13 years that I could do to a little boy again. I hack off me into your farmillie journal, and I saw that your parents had many problems. You had already tried to flee your home. So what! His now down and admit you are craving for a new farmilie. I sat and thought about it. Then I said: you’re right. Can not you pull over somewhere I must pee. She smiles look to me and said, small children can not stay. That’s why you have diaper on, you know my little baby boy. I could not imagine that pee in the diaper. I just could not hold me anymore. So I peed, I peed completely through the diaper. I loved the feeling when my pants were wet. She said: nårh has known someone who needs a clean diaper on, we’re almost home my little treasure. Ten minutes later we were at her house, she put me up in prams, and I ran into the house. I was laid up on a changing table and had to change my diaper. So she put me in a crib, and kissed me goodnight.

Chapter 3: My first day as a baby.

I woke up almost morning know that Sophie was about to shut my teddy up. She felt in my diaper. I felt that I had dirt in it. There is if someone who needs a clean diaper, she said. She lifted me up on a changing table. While she changed my diaper so I am around. In space, it was a crib (the one I slept in), changing table, a closet with diapers and baby things, a camera and a TV. To my darling, now you must surely have something to eat, "said Sophie. She took me into a kitchen where I was placed in a highchair. So she took some porridge forward, after which she began to feed me. I obediently ate all the food, then she sat down in a playpen, and I started playing with some baby stuff. After 25 minutes had I done the diaper again. I was changing, and afterwards put to sleep nap. When I awoke, I was allowed to watch any TV. Later I had dinner and a clean diaper on. Then it was time to lie down to sleep. My first day as the baby was gone.

Seems I must continue? :wink:

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Chapter 4: Sophie’s friend, and my babysitter.

Now there’s been two weeks and I start to learn rather than to know. One morning comes sofie in and says, today is one of my girlfriends. She must look after you when I’m gone. How long?, I ask. One week, she says sadly, but she loves us small diaper boys. When will she? About an hour, try to sleep a little more. I fall a little later asleep. Later, a strange girl in, she says hello to you my name Nicoline, now is the one who must have a clean diaper on. She smiles and lifts me onto the changing table. She takes my wet diaper off, and wash me. So she gives me a straight on. Afterwards I get some breakfast, for once something broke, like myself must eat. When I’ve eaten I get permission to watch television. Afterwards I sleep nap, but she says that when I wake up, we must out and walk.

Chapter 5: In the day care.

It turns out that we are going in a day care where Nicoline works. It is a special day care: one for adult babies like me. Stay ind’til, Sophie comes home, she says. I’m gaping at her. It is okay with Sophie. We talked about it, she says. I go to some children who play with lego. Can I help?, I ask. Yes, say. Later, my diaper changed, Nicoline come to me. Follow me, "she says. We go into a room where there is a changing table, a second boy is crying because he would not have diaper on. But he gets one on anyway. Then I put up on the table and will be changed. I am committed to my new friends again. Together we will have a good day out. Later, we put to bed and I can see that there are more now than tidliger. The week went and Sunday came and fetched me Sophie.

Chapter 6 is on its way. :wink:

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He he, meget sjov oversættelse…er du i familie med De Nattergale fra The Julekalender? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny oversættelse…are you in familie with The Nightgals from The Julekalender? :woohoo:

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Men bortset fra det danglish’e, så synes jeg faktisk, du gør dig bedre på engelsk end dansk. Flowet er bedre.

Ble_Sjov skrev:

He he, meget sjov oversæ du i familie med De Nattergale fra The Julekalender? :p

Very funny oversættelse…are you in familie with The Nightgals from The Julekalender? :woohoo:

meget sjovt ble_sjov nej det er bare min computer der er lidt mærkelig til at stave :wink:

Mange tak for de pæne ord Friture :laugh:

Der kommer snart mere både på dansk og engelsk, i den danske historie er jeg nok nogle kapitler forand :wink: