Lost in the mall (F,F,M)

Hejsa, ved ikke om folk har lyst til at læse historier her mere, kan se der ikke har været nogen i lang tid og jeg er ny så ved ikke hvad stemningen er for historier, men her er en jeg skrev for noget tid siden som jeg syntes blev ret god :smiley:

Emma pulled down her blouse into place and checked herself in the mirror with a smile. She gave her long skirt a quick brush before she pulled the door open and headed back out of the changing room. She had the new T shirt her daddy had picked out for her in hand on its cheap plastic hanger and as she stepped out into the shopping area, she looked happily around for him.

The shop was as busy as can be here in the middle of December and Emma scanned the many faces for her daddy. She spotted his broad back a bit further away and headed into the crowd clutching the shirt with one hand and nervously holding on to her skirt with the other. She kept her eyes on her daddy’s strong back as the crowd moved her to and fro and threatened to pick her up and carry her off to who knows where. Emma persisted though, focused on her Daddy as she made her way through the crowd her heart beating a little faster as she even pushed a man out of her way so she could get out of the merciless flow of Christmas shoppers. The guy gave a small grunt but otherwise didn’t seem to mind and Emma felt a surge of adrenaline for having asserted herself, daddy would be so proud of her.

Emma rushed into the underwear section with a smile on her face, letting go of her skirt and reaching for her daddy’s arm, grabbing his sleeve at the shoulder and tugging on it to get his attention.

“Daddy it fit and I like it and I found you all by-“ she began proudly as the man turned to face her with a smooth shaved face. “Oh, sorry.” Emma whimpered as she backed away from the stranger. “I thought you were, sorry.” She whimpered again as the man turned away from her again and she stared at his back again. He looked just like her daddy from behind but- but- but-

She grabbed her skirt with both hands, the t-shirt half clutched against the skirt as she looked around the store again. There were shoppers everywhere, men, women, boys, girls, mommies and daddies, but not her daddy. Her whimper was swallowed up by the general noise of the store as she felt a few nervous drops starting to warm her padded underwear under her skirt. She clutched her skirt tighter and looked from side to side trying to find her daddy as the dripping became a nervous trickle and she bit her lip and tried to hold back the tears. Daddy wasn’t here, he was all gone and she couldn’t find him and she was going to be lost in the mall forever and ever and never get home for Christmas with daddy in front of the fireplace and daddy would be mad at her cause he’d said to stay put if she couldn’t find him and she’d not, she’d gone looking and now she didn’t know where she had been and-

Her panicked stream of thoughts were brought to an end when she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Da-“ she squealed excitedly as she spun around but was face to face with a woman instead of her man. “Oh- sorry.” She whimpered as she tried to take a few steps back from the woman.

“It’s okay.” The woman smiled, holding on to Emma’s shoulder gently. “Are you lost?” She asked with a soothing voice that made Emma bite her lip embarrassed and give a little nod. “Is it okay if I help you?” The woman asked looking up at Emma whose mouth had fallen open in surprise. “Christmas shopping can be pretty scary right? Isn’t it best if we find your… dad? As soon as possible.”

Emma gave a nod but didn’t let go of her skirt, her nervous trickle still slowly filling her diaper under the skirt.

“Come on, let’s find your dad okay? I’m Dawn.” The woman smiled gently as she let go of Emma’s shoulder and instead held it forward to shake Emma’s hand. Emma studied the woman nervously as she fiddled with her skirt. Dawn was a bit shorter than Emma was and probably a year or two younger than Emma too, in her mid twenties likely. She was of delicate body but with a quiet strength in how she stood and Emma couldn’t help but admire how she didn’t even budge when a scary shopper bumped into her.

Emma let go of her skirt and reached up, taking Dawn’s hand. “I’m Emma, I, I lost my daddy, I was supposed to wait but I thought I saw him and-“ She began to ramble nervously as Dawn took a step closer and put her other hand on Emma’s arm looking into her eyes gently.

“It’s okay Emma, we’re going to find your daddy together okay? Everything is going to be okay, I’ll be right here.” She said reassuringly. “I know it can be scary but I’ll have you back to your daddy before you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” She promised and Emma tried to mouth the word.

“Super cali frogistice-“ She tried as Dawn reached up with a sleeve and dabbed away a few tears Emma hadn’t even realized had gathered in the corners of her eyes.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Dawn repeated with a warm smile as Emma felt the nervous trickle between her legs slowly subside as she focused on trying to say the word. “If you practice till we find your daddy I’m sure you can impress him with it.” She smiled and Emma gave a nod. “I like your T-shirt, did your daddy pick that out for you?” She asked and Emma held it up, barely even aware she had been holding on to it through her nervousness. “Were you trying it on?” Dawn asked and shifted her grip slightly on Emma’s hand, from a handshake to holding hands. “Let’s go take a look at the changing rooms okay sweetheart?” She asked as she gave Emma’s hand a little reassuring squeeze. “I’ll be here every step of the way okay, I won’t let go.” She smiled and Emma felt her confidence grow a little knowing she wasn’t all alone in the big scary mall.

Dawn let Emma point the way she was pretty sure she had come from and then led the way through the crowd herself. She was moving firmly, forcing people to respect her space with just her looks and way of walking, never pushing anyone and always keeping her speed down to one Emma’s nervous tippety taps could keep up with.

“Supercalinefragilisine-“ Emma tried again as they walked and bit her lip in nervous frustration.

“You’re almost getting it now, you must be really smart to learn that fast.” Dawn beamed reassuringly. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” She reminded Emma, whose blush had grown a little from the praise. “Emma were these the changing rooms you were in?” Dawn asked as she came to a stop and Emma pulled up beside her.

Emma looked the changing rooms up and town and tried to ignore all the many people waiting in lines to just see the rooms themselves. “No.” She whimpered, her bottom lip quivering. “The-there’s too many rooms- its all wrong.” She whimpered and felt a nervous trickle into her diaper again. “I’m not smart I got the direction wrong and now I will never find daddy.” She whimpered as she began to shake slightly as she felt the tears pressing against the backs of her eyes.

“Hey Emma.” Dawn said softly and caressed Emma’s cheek looking up into her eyes. “You are the smartest, bravest girl here today you know that?” She said with a smile and Emma shook her head. “I bet you already knew you didn’t like shopping didn’t you?” She asked and Emma nodded stiffly. “But you still came here with your daddy, because it’d make your daddy happy right?” Emma nodded again. “That makes you really really brave, because you would make yourself uncomfortable just to make your daddy happy, much braver than me or anyone else shopping. You have to be scared to be brave and I think you are very scared, which makes you very very brave.” She said softly.

Emma cheeks flushed red again, her quivering lips splitting in a small smile, as she looked down at her feet embarrassed and the trickle between her legs dried out again. “Thank you.”

“And you know how I know you are smart?” Dawn asked peaking up at Emma from below, and when Emma shook her head Dawn continued. “Because you know what you can do and what you need a little help with.” Dawn smiled at Emma. “It takes a lot of smarts to know what you aren’t very good at and get help when you need it. Like letting me help you find your daddy, that was really smart.” She said giving Emma’s hand a light squeeze. “Or wearing the right clothes to help you.” Dawn said with a smile as her hand brushed against the skirt where the rim of the diaper held on to her waist. A few nervous drops escaped Emma as she looked at Dawn surprised but there was no judgement in those eyes, only earnesty. “That makes you the smartest and bravest girl in town today.” Dawn smiled warmly. “and I think you are really quite wonderful.” She smiled warmly. “So how about you help me find your daddy you brave, smart and wonderful girl?” Dawn beamed and Emma beamed back, nodding happily.

They made their way through the crowded store again, Emma pointing directions and following while Dawn led the way and parted the crowd. They were quite the team the two of them and it wasn’t long before Emma stopped in her tracks and pointed over the crowd at a brown tuft of hair turning from side to side as if looking for something. “I think that’s daddy!” Emma whispered excitedly to Dawn.

“Come on, let’s get you back home then.” Dawn said as she led the way through the crowd, Emma anxiously standing on her toes every few steps to get better look until he turned to face them with a concerned look on his bearded face.

“Daddy!” Emma squealed as she let go of Dawn’s hand and rushed the rest of the way, completely ignoring the crowds as she threw her arms around him. “Daddy I found you!” She called out with tears of joy filling her eyes as she threw her arms around him and he picked her up in that swinging way that always made her swoon.

“Babydoll!” He exclaimed as he held her tight and kissed her again and again. “I was so worried about you little baby.” He said relieved as he held her in his thick strong arms and refused to let go. “Are you okay?” He asked as he looked into her eyes and she kissed him again.

“I was brave daddy, I was brave for you.” She insisted as the relief of finally being in his arms again relaxed her entire body and she felt her diaper filling up. It felt like all the pent up fear and worry were flooding out of her and into her diaper now that she was safe with him again and she knew he could feel it too.

“You are such a good girl.” He cooed to her as he stroked her hair and put a hand on her padded bum. “I’m sorry I missed you coming out of the changing room. I promise I won’t let you out of my sight again.” He said as he held her close to him, her lips against his, her breasts against his broad chest and her warm soft crotch against his firm one.

“It’s okay Daddy, I had help-“ Emma cut herself short and looked around for Dawn, not seeing her in the faces of the crowd. “Dawn?” She called out but got no reaction, stomping her foot down she huffed herself up and yelled out as loud as she could: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” That got the attention of quite a few shoppers who turned to see what the fuss was about, including a proud smile from the smaller woman who had helped her. “Come on Daddy!” Emma said as she grabbed her daddy’s hand and pulled the surprised man after her towards Dawn. “Dawn! This is daddy!” Emma said breathlessly as she reached the woman. “She helped me find you when I was lost.”

“Michael.” Daddy said as he reached out a hand to the woman who shook it with an easy smile. “Thank you for helping my little girl here, she doesn’t do great with crowds.” He smiled with heartfelt gratitude, his other arm around Emma’s waist to keep her close to him.

“It was my pleasure.” Dawn smiled as she shook his hand. “She’s a very special girl and I couldn’t just leave her in need.”

“My Emma doesn’t usually warm up to people that fast so you must be quite special yourself too.” Michael smiled and Emma gave an agreeing nod.

“I just did mine to help.” Dawn brushed it off. “My brother is little sometimes too and I know its scary for a little to be alone.”

“Daddy, she knows.” Emma whispered excited into Michael’s ear.

“Oh, well then you know how persistent they can get.” Michael smiled. “And I don’t think Emma will forgive me if I don’t invite you home for a cup of coffee as thanks at least.” He smiled and Emma agreed with a series of firm nods.

“I wouldn’t wanna intrude during December-“ Dawn began.

“Its not!” Emma said firmly. “Come over please, you can meet Emmaline too, she can come out when things aren’t as scary.”

“Alright, I can’t really refuse then.” Dawn smiled. “But its okay if you just want to be Emma, I think you are plenty wonderful as you are.” She beamed and Emma turned red as a tomato.

“It’s settled then.” Michael smiled watching Emma blushing and hiding her face in his shoulder. “We can wait until you are done with your Christmas shopping so don’t feel any need to rush.”

“But daddy, I’m wet.” Emma whispered into his ear.

“I know.” Michael responded as he gave her soft warm tush a small squeeze. “And it just makes you even more adorable.”

“He’s right.” Dawn smiled. “You look absolutely radiant. Anyway, I’m almost done with mine so it shouldn’t take-“ She began when Emma let go of her daddy and stepped over to her. Emma’s arms went around Dawn and pulled her into a hug, their bodies tight against one another.

“Thank you so much.” Emma said sincerely as she leaned down and placed a small kiss on Dawn’s lips. Now it was Dawn’s turn to flush red as a goofy smile spread over her lips.

“I think I’ll do the last of my shopping another day.” She said with a giddy smile as Michael looked at the two of them approvingly. Emma reached over and took Michaels hand in one as she held Dawn’s in her other and together they strolled out of the store together. It would be a while before both Emmaline and Michael would come to call Dawn Girlfriend, and a bit longer before Emma would call her mommy, but as the little family walked out with their baby girl in their middle, they all somehow knew it was destined to be.

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sød historie. forsæt endelig

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Hmm, har helt sikkert læst den her historie før… Er du på Reddit Cutieboy?

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Det er jeg med et andet brugernavn, og historien her er en jeg tidligere har lagt op på reddit så det er meget muligt du har læst den der :slight_smile: